[beasiswa] [info] PhD position for engineer/mathematician/computer scientist at KU Leuven


PhD position for engineer/mathematician/computer scientist with good algorithmic skills and preferably a background in (biomedical) signal processing for a thesis on Emotion recognition from EEG by using multi-channel information theoretic metrics.

The thesis has 3 research objectives. First, the EEG activity during the observation of facial emotions is compared to non-emotional facial gestures (e.g., chewing) and locally warped faces. The latter are mosaic scrambled and the original local optic flow patterns from the dynamic faces is played back independently (as a function of time) for each of the checks in the mosaic. Second, emotional facial and body expressions using point-light stimuli are considered so as to minimize the effect of surface characteristics. Third, the outcomes of the fMRI and EEG studies are compared, possibly when performing simultaneous fMRI-EEG recordings.

More information on: http://www.mindspeller.com.

Send your CV to Marc Van Hulle: marc@neuro.kuleuven.be.

Deadline for application: 30 November, 2012.