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Subject: Fwd: Open positions in Physics of Aquatic Systems: Lausanne, Switzerland

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From: Grace S. Hong <gshong@wisc.edu>
Date: 18 September 2012 12:12
Subject: Open positions in Physics of Aquatic Systems: Lausanne, Switzerland
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TO: GLEON members and affiliates
FR: Johny Wüest ENAC/EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Please refer to the message below from Johny and the PDFs attached for details. The positions are open until filled – interviews start soon from 20 September 2012.

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The Laboratory of Physics of Aquatic Systems (APHYS) at ENAC / EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland) has an opening for a postdoctoral position and two PhD students.
Please pass on to ever is interested. Thanks; Johny
Alfred Johny Wüest
Eawag, Seestrasse 79, CH-6047 Kastanienbaum
tel-direct: +41-(0)58-765 2181 (secretary: 2111), home-office: +41-(0)44-362 8478
Physics of Aquatic Systems Laboratory
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH-1015 Lausanne
tel-direct: +41-(0)21693 8004

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